Thursday, July 30, 2009

How men work by Hettie

On Men-
  • Men do not like to be told what to do... So,You need to make them think that what they do is their idea! So, relax and sit back, and if someone else, casually mentions it around him, just say, "JOE has everything under control I am sure..."
  • The more they feel like the HAVE to do something, the less they want to do it!So, you need to make him feel like there is no pressure
  • Men don't like deadlines!
  • Men don't like ultimatums!

On Marriage-

  • you cannot rush a marriage! So, why rush a wedding?
  • As for men saying when they want to get married, they say it, and think we are going to be appeased! They assume that you will forget the date, just as they have, as soon as they say it!
  • IMHO I do not think engagements should not be more or less than a year. 12 months is plenty of time to plan a wedding! I think that the relationship suffers if the only thing people work on is the wedding.
  • Right now, what is your major concern? How you are going to live with this man the rest of your life, while continually changing and growing together, OR the wedding dress?
  • Should you be worrying about getting married, or worrying about if you are marrying the right guy?

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