Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Post on this lovely Blog

Well, here we are again. Me typing on my laptop and you, well, probably being a productive member of society.

My main goal in life has been, well for the past 10 years, to be a great mom. I have done this, I think! But, I was not doing things I wanted, and needed to do! I have not drawn, or painted for years. I have not scrapbooked in 1 year or taken many pics in previous months! So, what have I been doing? Went back to school, that was hard, but worth it. Got a part-time job, and that was really exciting!

Well, if you know me, you know that I write. I can write a break-up letter that you would not believe, and have done so for others. I have been writing bad poetry for as long as I can remember, save the last few years. I wrote a compelling thesis... So, I thought the next step was to put my words to some good use!

So, here you go!!! My words of wisdom!

If someone is treating you badly, tell them. Do not allow the behavior to continue... As Dr. Phil would say, you are teaching them how to treat you...

If you want to change then you need to be the major factor in that change. You cannot count on anyone else to change your circumstances.

If you keep making excuses for your life, then you need a new life.

If you want to have good friends, then be a good friend... Same goes for having a good husband/wife, be a good wife/husband.

That is all for now!

More later!

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